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People4u Perspective Newsletter

People4u Perspective Newsletter Issue No. 4 : A...

People4u        May 2, 2017
Today’s markets are complex, fast-paced, and technology-driven. Although opportunities abound thanks to rapid globalization, competition is fierce. Companies must remain focused on quality and customer service as they navigate... Read More

People4u Perspective Newsletter Issue No. 3 : T...

People4u        March 30, 2017
Self-made billionaire Warren Buffett once gave this advice to a group of business students: You can boost your professional value by fifty percent just by improving your communication skills.... Read More


People4u Igniting Team Spirit!

People4u        May 23, 2017
According to Harvard, great teams are energizing and productive, delivering breakthrough results. In an effective team, everyone understands how to contribute in ways that support team outcomes that go... Read More

Build your competitive advantage through offsho...

People4u        May 14, 2017
Over the years, the corporate realm has changed remarkably. A CIO article states that outsourcing integration challenges multiply, production workloads and enterprise systems hit the cloud, and security hit... Read More

Bowling Night with People4u’s CEO

People4u        April 5, 2017
People4u staff cheer on CEO Mr. Jay de Claro after he bowls a strike during the Bowling Night held in Makati Cinema Square last April 3, 2017. Read More

People4u goes to STI Southwoods!

People4u        March 29, 2017
People4u, one of the country’s leading provider of sound staffing and on-demand IT solutions joined the Career Development Program Job Fair held at STI Southwoods last March 25, 2017. Read More

It’s more fun in People4u

People4u        March 20, 2017
The workweek for People4u ended with a Friday bonding session last March 3, 2017. The management team and employees gathered at the main office to unwind, have some pizza... Read More

Manila Salesforce Developers Meetup!

People4u        March 20, 2017
Thank you for coming! We’ll be cooking up bigger surprises for our next meetup! Until then! #manilasalesforce Read More

Out with the old, in with the new!

People4u        March 5, 2017
Can’t code? Doesn’t matter. Are you a career shifter? An Application Builder aspirant? Or are you looking for a better way to spend your time? You’ve come to the... Read More

You know GIGO, don’t you?

People4u        March 5, 2017
By Patrick Diaz   Na ah! It’s not the term you heard in vernacular. (That’s too much if you did) “GIGO”-Garbage in, garbage out. You already heard it before,... Read More

Starting Point

People4u        February 19, 2017
Welcome! We are people4u, and this is our new blog!   In this blog you will find the latest news, issues, and trends in IT outsourcing and offshoring. It... Read More